Sharlayan's Secret

They didn't show you everything.

V e n u e I n f o

At the top of the Empyreum lies one of the most high class, luxurious night clubs in Aether, sporting a Greek Garden theme. Sharlayan had a lot to share, but they certainly didn't tell you about this extraordinary getaway. This fancy venue offers a wooden dance floor, high end drinks and food at the bar, open seating, and most of all a gathering of fun people!Club Features:
- Courtesans at your service
- Dancers to hype the party
- Live DJ's / Music streaming for your listening pleasure
- Bar tenders to parch your thirst
- Raffles and giveaways
- Gambling to your hearts (and pockets) content
- Professional style photo studio to get your best glams on their good side!
Hours of operation:
Fridays - 6pm PST-9pm PST/9pm EST-12am EST
Our Location:
Aether - Jenova - Empyreum - Ward 24 - Plot 22

S t a f f

Yuki Hart - Owner

Osia Ordway - Co-Owner

More staff viewable on our discord server! Visit to read further information about our lovely staff!

A p p l y

Interested in helping us thrive? Fill out an application here: promise to get back to you asap via DM's in discord or tells in-game!

G a m b l i n g

Looking to test your luck? Win big or just go home? You can view all rules and all games offered here:
May the cards be ever in your favor!

P h o t o s

The Stage

Large Seating Area

The Bar

Courtesan Space

Gambling Table & Lalafell Accommodated Seating